Episode 24 – Lack of Momentum Stalls Customer Experience Focus and Results


Lack of Momentum. We all know that not moving forward stalls results and focus.

So why do we let it happen? Because life/work happens… and things get bumped. If this is you and your organization, you are most certainly NOT alone.

The thing I find is companies simply let too much time pass between events, milestones, and follow up. Things get lost through the passage of time and their impact becomes less important or relevant.

The plan to prevent stalling

  1. Have a plan. Know WHY you are focusing on CX. Know what results you are working towards and expect to see. Be specific.
  2. Know the components that build your plan and what or who needs to be involved.
  3. Assign a person or team to oversee the plan or specific components. This will vary depending on the size of your organization and number of wheels turning.
  4. Have deadlines or specific dates for progress checks.
  5. Check in with each group or project to offer assistance, resources, guidance, direction, etc. to be sure everything is on track and moving forward.

Key – Know when to stop, examine, and decide to keep moving according to plan or to make course corrections.

It’s okay to make course corrections. It’s okay to jump ship if something just isn’t working or is creating adverse effects. But FIND ANOTHER SHIP TO JUMP ONTO.

I promise you will get beneficial results. Your customers will feel the value and attention you are placing on the experiences they have when working with you. They’ll reward you with their loyalty, their feedback, and their referrals.

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