Episode 010 – The Last Impression of CX Counts More Than You Realize

Episode 010 – The Last Impression of CX Counts More Than You Realize – Shownotes…


You never get a second chance to make a first impression

The last impression needs as much focus as every other point in the customer journey.

The last impression of their last interaction stays with them until the next time they contact you or someone from your company works with them. You want it to be a good impression for them to continue doing business with you.

Take charge and take the time to define how you want your customers to think of you. Your customers will form their own impression, but you can increase the odds of having it match the impression you desire if you are deliberate and committed to the CX process.

Select a Three Word Lasting Impression

The end goal is to define your desired lasting impression in three words or phrases. 

If I were to call the last customer you worked with, pick three words you hope they would use at least one to describe they feel your company worked with them.

Knowledgeable, friendly, professional, fast, genuine, amazing, caring, sincere, helpful, resourceful, proactive, etc. are great examples to start with as you add your own to consider.

Build these into your DNA… does your culture support these descriptives?

Do you empower your staff to display these traits and qualities?

There’s not much that tops the feeling of relief that you are taking care of your customers… both from your perspective and theirs.

ex… they call with what they think is a big hairy scary problem… you want the ending of that conversation or issue resolution to be one of relief. That encourages them to trust you more, engage with you more., to continue to buy from and refer to you…

It’s a wonderful thing…

Your action step – – At your next leadership meeting, open with the question… what impression do we want to leave our customers every time they call or work with us?

Then guide them to narrow it down to three words. be sure your CX efforts enable and support these. If not, make adjustments in one or both and course correct.

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