Episode 52 – Loren Beck From Zappos Discusses Culture

Hi everyone – today is throwback tuesday.  This is an oldie but extremely goodie interview I had back in 2009 with Loren Becker from Zappos. at the time, Loren was the Pipeline team supervisor and he has since moved up within the organization.

The truly fascinating thing is that while this interview was conducted over 10 years ago, I don’t think any single concept discussed has changed. 

We talk about the important of culture and the way it guides and shapes everything about the company from business deicisons, to hirging decisions, to customer interactions.

At the time of this interview, Loren was the Pipeline team supervisor at Zappos.com. He is still currently working with the company as Zappos Experience & Community Team Manager.

Zappos culture of is strong in the facets of fanatical customer service, family, innovation, risk taking. work hard/ play hard mentality.

Everyone has a little bit of everything. Everyone brings something different to the table to complete the culture.

Culture is important to zappos because it helps them make decisions as a company and as employees. Zappos empowers employees to make decisions based on their individual interactions.

The culture and core values help people step out of their comfort zone to take risks. They serve as guiding principles for everyday activities.

Loren feels every company needs to define their culture and commit to it. It’s about alignment and setting a clear vision.

Some  goals are going top change as your business grows. Zappos started out as offering selection, but over time it grew to be focused on Customer Service.

Zappos understands repeat customers order more $$ and more frequently. He feels the money they invest in the customer experience pays off in the long run in growth and repeat customers. Loren shares their mindset of knowing when to consider the cost of something over the reward.

His suggestions for establishing culture – Ask yourselves…

1 – What do you want your company to be when it grows up?

2 – What are your own personal values and how they translate to business?

3 – What is the goal and vision of your business?

4 – Need to get your employees involved. Your employees have a perception of culture and values, make sure they are congruent and they can even help define the culture and values.

Loren goes on to suggest some creative ways to ensure the desired culture is taking hold within the organization.


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