Episode 008 – Creating an Effective Customer Journey Map

Episode 008 – Creating an Effective Customer Journey Map Shownotes

  • What Journey Mapping ISN’T
    • Not a process map
    • Not or training manual
    • Not what you hope customers experience
    • Not the time to map out every single touchpoint and the stuff behind the scenes to make the magic happen for the customer
    • Not silo driven
    • Not company focused on driving profits or sales
  • What Journey mapping IS
    • A story of what the CUSTOMER experiences
    • A map what happens to them or what they have to do shown in a timeline
    • Outside in approach
    • A chance to see what could be frustrating to the customer
    • A chance to identify Pivotal Moments that feed into the feeling of the overall experience
    • A chance to see what currently IS and see if you can add value to the customer
    • Serves as a Talking Point Map for customer conversations and focus groups.
    • This gets into the emotions you evoke along the way
  • HOW to Journey Map

Select neutral facilitator – The Facilitator must remain neutral… but with a slant toward the customer. This is not the time to point out the obstacles or reasons why things are issues from the company perspective.

Select which Journey to map – I recommend the one that is most frequently experienced by your customers OR the one you know needs urgent attention now.

I describe a hybrid between stages, the main theme of touchpoints in stages, then, when necessary, deep dive into specific points and flesh out what needs to happen behind the scenes to make it happen in the best interest of the customer.

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