Episode 001 – Exactly What the Customer Experience IS and Isn’t

Show Notes…

Exactly What the Customer Experience IS and Isn’t



Inside out – Leaders deciding making all operational and business decisions based on their own and silo focused priorities.

Short-term – A clear start and end date within six months of each other.

“Flavor of the Month” – Somebody in Leadership has a great idea that we’ll focus on for about a month until it loses steam and then we start another project

Customer Service / Front Line staff skills only – Only customer-facing staff have to concern themselves with CEX because Leadership doesn’t need to be involved.

Reactive – Someone calls or sends an email and we send a response or take care of their problem.

What CEX actually IS –

PROACTIVE – It’s thinking ahead and solving a problem, or potential problem, the customer doesn’t even realize they have yet.

Outside In approach. – Considering the Customer Perspective and Impact FIRST. Using customer feedback and suggestions to help drive most business and

operational decisions.  It’s when you design your business, and the processes and functions focused on the customer

The way your company works with customers over time, not just once. It’s the way customers come to expect to be engaged with each and every time because you

are consistent and deliberate in all interactions.

Relationship Building /  Partnering –

To give the Customer Experience contextual relevance… it’s very similar to personal relationship stages…. We date, we get engaged, we get married and have a

honeymoon period… and then real life sets in. At some point, some couples decide to go their seperate ways. At some point, customers decided to stay or go.

An emotional connection that customers are buying – Not just your product or service.

The EASE of doing business metric – how EASY do you make it to work with your company?

The RELIEF factor – Yes, we want to delight our customers, but that opportunity is rarely available. It’s always an option to make your customers relieved they are

working with you and your company because you take the issue off of their plate or you walk them through the process. You make it easy.

The PERCEPTION of the customer about the experience is always right. Bottom line, what the customer thinks is what matters most.

The reason your customers continue to buy and do business with you. The way you engage and work with them before, during, and after the sale is the entire

experience. Do it right, and your customer will never think of leaving you.

The guidance system for making business and operational decisions

The way to increase sales and build your loyal customer base

  • – When consumers have a GOOD experience, they are 3 1/2 times more likely to make additional purchases than if they have a poor experience.
  • Continued focus on the customer experience will dramatically benefit your finanacial success.

        – – The Tempkin Group states 73% of companies with a better than average CX MATURITY have better financial success than their competitors

The Harvard Business Review stated among thousands of customers studied, customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experience.

According to Right Now Technologies, 89% of consumers began purchasing from a competitor following a poor experience.

Good CEX also lowers your customer acquisition costs substantially. According to American Express, 1 happy customer = 9 referals.

Word of mouth counts more than advertising.

How well you know who you are as a company and how you work to make your customers successful in their company and responsibilities

It’s the natural understanding that your company is helping your customers succeed in helping THEIR customers.

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