Embrace Your Customers as Partners… REALLY!!!

There is so much press out there right now in the business communities advising you not to have the mindset of “Partnering” with your customers, it’s really driving me nuts! 

You SHOULD Be Your Customer's Partner
You SHOULD Be Your Customer’s Partner
Some sources say that using the word “partner” implies that you are both on the same level and that there should be a hierarchy in order for you to better lead your client or customers. THEY say that you need to be “above” them.
I can understand where they are coming from, but I don’t agree with it.  I think that you should absolutely partner with your customers in order to help them succeed.  By truly partnering with them, you are embracing their goals, challenges, and successes.
When you truly understand and embrace what they want, when their struggles become your struggles, when their successes become your successes, you know that your success is dependent upon their success, then you are a true partner.
That’s where the magic starts to happen.  Your customers and clients turn to you instinctively because they know that you will do absolutely everything within your power to help them and help their customers.  When they achieve their goals and help their customers succeed, they know in large part it is because of their partnership with you.
I don’t care what they say, this is what customers truly want.  They want someone to completely put themselves in their shoes, feel their struggles, understand their goals and personalize them.  When customers feel that, they’d be hard pressed to leave someone that they feel is truly invested in helping them succeed.  Customers know that partners are completely invested in the best process and outcome for everyone involved.
After all, aren’t true partners there to help you be your best?
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