Does Your Meeting Agenda Put the Customer Experience First? If Not, Read This…

customer-focus3Company, department, and team meetings are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the commitment to the customer.

Often, meeting agendas focus on issues important to leadership, housekeeping issues, new policies, etc and hopefully – customer issues make it on the agenda before “Open/New Items” if they are mentioned at all.  And, if you are lucky, it won’t get bumped to the next meeting because the time allotted for the meeting has been taken up by the previous items.  This again sends the message that the company or department knows they should be paying attention or discussing customer issues, but can’t quite get around to it.

I challenge you to put “Customer Focus” at the beginning of all meetings.  In doing so, Customer  Focus will never fall by the wayside or get bumped to the next meeting.  Remember, the customer is one of the most critical components of a successful business.  Demonstrate this commitment and importance by addressing customer…

  • training
  • initiatives
  • feedback
  • suggestions
  • experiences
  • priorities

…. at the beginning of all meetings.  This sets the tone and keeps everyone focused on the benefit to the customer at all times.  If you don’t place it as a priority, then how would your staff know that it’s a priority in practice?

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