Do Your Customers REALLY Trust You?

I’ve been saying since Day One that customer loyalty is built on trust.  Think about it, any relationship requires trust in order to be successful and sustainable.  Trust is expected and needs to be earned by both parties.  This is true in both personal and business relationships.

There is an article posted today in Fast Company that really does an excellent job in giving specific hard hitting questions on how well you’ve earned the trust of your customers.  For some of you, it may be a hard wake up call.  If you find yourself falling short, start taking stock now of areas that need attention and get started.

Consumer trust is about transparency, accountability, competency, integrity, and customer specification.  Hopefully, you read the article and know where your business stands in each of these categories.

Remember, any progress is progress.  Just don’t settle for less or “good enough.”  That’s what your competition is doing.  Be better than your competition and your customers will stay with you.

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