Do You Tolerate Bad Service?

If you have staff in your organization that are providing poor service, you have two options – provide them the direction they need, or they need to be let go.  By allowing just one staff member to provide poor service, it will become a festering problem quickly.  It sends the message to your other staff that service is not very important, and the standards will quickly fall.

The public perception of your service delivery is only as strong as your company’s weakest link.  No matter how hard most of your team works to deliver excellent customer service, your customer will walk away when they hit that one person that appears to be indifferent or uninterested in serving your customers.

Customers want to spend their money where they feel appreciated.  They want to be acknowledged and thanked for doing business with you.  If you fail to do so, they will find what they are looking for with your competitors.

Customer satisfaction rises when everyone in a business is doing everything they can to deliver excellent service and build loyal customers.

Your customers will thank you for it.

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