Dear Employer, Your Staff Has a Wish List…..

Dear Employer,

It’s us… your staff.  You’ve been talking a lot about serving our customers well and doing everything we can to retain their business based on service. You’ve told us that we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors through service.  Our customer service skills can certainly be fine tuned to make our customers fall in love with us.  In fact, we all want to make our customers go out of their way to do business with us because they love the way we treat them.  It’s the relationships that we have with our customers that make our jobs as enjoyable as they are.

We understand that by serving our customers well, they will come back to us year after year anytime they have a need for our product or service.  We also know that once we have the loyalty of our customers, they will also begin referring their associates and friends to us.  That means we will have even more customers to serve. And, when it comes right down to it, when we have customers, we have jobs.  No customers = No business, No jobs.

In order to deliver the best customer service possible, we need something from you.  Over the next few days, we’ll be sending you specific items that we need help with in order to better serve our customers.

This means that as our employer, we need you to provide us the skill set and training that we ask for.  Communication goes both ways, so we will do our part and tell you what we need.

Thanks for listening,

Your Staff (Your internal customers)

This is a tongue-in-cheek letter from staff telling their employer that they need some help in delivering excellent customer service.  Many times, employers require their staff to deliver good customer service and expect them to have the customer service skills necessary, but the staff is left to figure out how to do it on their own.  The next series of blog posts will list some of the requests that staff frequently make and the way that employers can fulfill those requests.

Please take the time to comment on this post and let me know more about you…

I’d like to know your name, the type of business you are in, the number of staff in your company, and what some of their biggest challenges are in delivering excellent customer service.  This way, I can be sure that these posts are relevant to you. I’m interested in developing relationships with the readers of this blog and to be sure to write about the topics you find most interesting.

Looking forward to the first request from staff…..

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