Dazzle Your Restaurant Customers With Knowledge – They’ll Be Hungry For More!

For the many restaurant patrons that seek out local restaurants, the driving factor is clear – They want to taste the local charm and uniqueness that is lost in many of the chain restaurants. Individuality is what makes the local restaurant stand out from the mass-marketed chains of steak, Italian, and All-American restaurants.

Customer satisfaction and retention greatly improve when restaurant patrons get information and help from the ones who should know first hand – your trained restaurant staff.

So when that new customer comes into the local restaurant and is impressed with the decor and ambiance, what is it that will drive him away the fastest? A host or server that doesn’t know much about the restaurant itself or the food that it serves.

Share the History and Unique Factoids

Restaurant patrons that search out the local restaurants are truly interested in the history of the restaurant and the story behind it. They really want to know when the restaurant was established, why and how it came to be, and the story behind the founders. All of these help complete the picture contributing to the charm of the place.

Each person working in your restaurant, from the busboy, to the servers, to the hosts, needs to know everything about the restaurant. Patrons enjoy hearing the story from the people who are invested in the restaurant, rather than simply reading the story on the placemats or menus. Have the story printed there, but be certain that everyone in your restaurant knows the history as if it were their own.

Entice their appetites with food descriptions

The second place that knowledge is essential is in the specific menu items. There are few things more frustrating than asking a server about a particular menu item, only to be told by the server that they themselves have not tasted it. A food allergy is the ONLY reason that a server should not be required to taste the food.

The restaurants that are truly successful and develop strong relationships with their patrons are those that have the servers and the chef meet daily to review the specials, the way they are prepared, and to sample the various dishes.

Most people would not purchase a car without asking questions and getting the information important to them. In that same premise, when ordering food, it helps to get the information on the experience from one who knows first hand. How can someone accurately describe the taste of something if they have not experienced it firsthand?

By having people who really know about the food and restaurant itself, your customers will become raving loyal fans.

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2 Replies to “Dazzle Your Restaurant Customers With Knowledge – They’ll Be Hungry For More!”

  1. Thanks for the comment, Mark. It is amazing as to how much these little phrases impact our dining experience. As I tell my clients, it’s all in the details and EVERYTHING counts! Please continue to comment on upcoming posts. I hope you enjoy the content and welcome any feedback or suggestions for topics or articles.

  2. This is SO important, not just for restaurants, but for any business.

    I always suggest to people (and it’s mandatory for our staff) to have an answer to the questions, “What would you suggest?” or “What’s your favorite?” when it comes to the food we serve at our retreat center.

    Answers like, “Oh, it’s all good” are not acceptable. If I ask, I really want to know! So we train our people to pick a favorite dish and recommend that. If our food is so bland that they can’t pick a favorite, then we’ve got a whole other problem to deal with! (It’s not bland, by the way).

    I might actually fire somebody if they ever said (as I’ve had waiters say to me), “I don’t really have a favorite. I don’t eat here much.”

    Also, NEVER answer “A lot of people order it.” That doesn’t tell me it’s any good. It might mean a lot of people were suckered by a good description on the menu.

    I agree with you, educate your staff! The first thing they should learn is the history of your business. If you really want to educate them, TEST THEM! We play a fun game show kind of game to test our staff, but it works! And if you serve food, you’d better make sure they know what it tastes like!

    Thanks for this much needed article!

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