Customer Service Training Needs? Help Me Help You!

Customer Service Training could be your Spring Focus!

April is finished and gone and now it’s the beginning of May.  Spring is the time when many of you decided it was time to take a fresh look at your customer mindset.  For some of you, that meant it was time to create a customer centered culture.  Some of you decided that it was time to really include your staff in the process.  Still others created a vision and want to share it with both your team and your customers.  Many of you set customer service training as your priority.

Transforming The Customer Experience means that I want to help you create an experience for your customer that is unlike anything else they’ve experienced.  It is my mission to help you develop your customer centric focus by making that process simple, sharing tools and strategies on how to do this, and having some fun along the way.

I spend my time listening to you, reading your emails, and working with some of you to inspire you to help you make decisions that will benefit not only your customers who do business with you, but on your bottom line and internal customers as well.  From what you’ve been sharing with me, it seems that we are all on the same track, but I’m always looking for ways to make a deeper impact in your business.

Ultimately, I want to be the trusted guide and resource for achieving your customer retention and satisfaction goals, providing training and tools for training your staff in service.  I have many ideas and tools that I’m working on, but I’ like to hear your ideas as well.  In the long run, no one knows your challenges better than yourself.  I understand that it can be difficult to know where to start and that it isn’t always easy.  So please tell me, what can I do or provide to help you?  Please share your ideas with me by replying to this email.  Really – I’d truly like to know and I am looking forward to hearing from you (even if it is just to say hello)!

Helping you focus on your customers,


Transforming the Customer Experience

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