Customer Service – Such a Big Problem That Is So Simple To Fix

Is your customer service so bad that it drives customers to your competitors?

Is your customer service so good that you receive new customers weekly simply because of your service reputation?

Are you curious as to why your customers are leaving?

If I were to contact the last 100 people that left your business to go to your competitor, around 70 of them would tell me the only reason they left you is because either you or someone in your business treated them poorly.

They didn’t feel valued. Now if you think about this, that is a sad and yet good state of affairs. It’s incredibly sad because it is so senseless to not treat people nicely or well, especially since they are the ones who are bringing dollars into your business.

Why treat your customers, who ultimately pay your bills and payroll, poorly? You should be thanking them, valuing them, and treating them like royalty.

But on the flip side, the fact that they left because they were treated poorly is a good thing because it can be fixed so quickly and so simply. Keep in mind, simple doesn’t always mean easy, but it’s far less complicated than people tend to make it.

Bottom line – all it really takes is getting back to the basics of being courteous, polite, and above all else, friendly.

I truly believe that treating customers well, delivering good customer service, and providing a good service experience is not only beneficial to your bottom line, but it is the right thing to do. Small business owners are quickly realizing this and growing their businesses by capitalizing on their teams and service delivery.

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