Customer Service Issues? Try Managing the Customer’s Expectations

Not adequately managing the expectations of the customer can have a negative impact on their decision to do business with us again. Are you losing business because the perception of the customer is jaded due to their own expectations?

Often, business seems tedious because we deal with many customer service issues.  We ask ourselves why customers are so unreasonable or why they don’t understand the process.  We many not recognize the fact that the same questions keep being asked of us.

The reason is usually quite simple – We haven’t done our job managing the customer expectations.  We haven’t told them what to expect when they do business with us or what is involved.

Listen to the points made in this video to better understand how this can impact the customer experience.

What can you do in your business or organization to be proactive in letting customers know what to expect?

Please let me know what changes you will be making or offer your suggestions by posting your comments below.

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