Customer Service – Is it in your DNA?

When I meet with prospective clients, one of the first questions that I ask is “What is the main purpose for your company and how do your customers fit into that?”  What is interesting is how many companies haven’t really identified their main purpose.  They do have an idea that interested them enough to start their business in the first place, but they haven’t truly defined exactly what their main purpose or goals are.  Often I find that they assume that because they have established their business, customers will come.  “Build it and they will come” only worked in the movie “Field of Dreams.”

Excellent customer service needs to be one of the driving forces in any sustainable business.  The customer’s needs must be address on a continual basis in any process or product.  The core values of the company must be customer centric and recognize that the way to truly succeed is to develop the culture geared toward the customer and their mindset.  The DNA of the company should focus on the customer at every angle. Increased levels of customer satisfaction are the direct result of more attention being given to customer service.

Once the purpose and vision of the company is determined, what products and services are congruent with those.  How is the customer factored into these?  By getting feedback and input from your customers and focusing on serving them with the vision of the company in mind, the greater the chances of business success and sustainability.

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