Customer Service & Humor – Can One Benefit the Other?

Have you made your customers laugh today?  Did you know that you can keep customers coming back by using humor in your business dealings?

We all know that humor is good for the soul.  We tend to hang out with the people that make us feel good and make us laugh.  Humor puts us in a positive mood, gives us a fresh perspective, and helps us treat others well.

Now, take this to the next level and connect the dots to your business.  Would this be a fantastic way to keep customers coming back to you?  Simply make them feel good and use some humor.

In this article in Inc.Com I think the author does a great job highlighting the use of humor.  I especially like the point about humor creating alignment.  Everyone has had similar experiences as a customer, in a family, in a sport, somewhere.  When you can bring two or more people together using humor relating to an experience, it creates an atmosphere of familiarity and comfort, both of which are crucial for a successful business relationship.

Granted, you must be careful when using humor.  I have learned that not everyone appreciates my somewhat sarcastic humor.  But, when I give presentations and consult, people give me the feedback that they appreciate the humor that I use to engage them and hold their interest.

When first starting a new relationship with a customer, relate your humor to the existing situation or light humor in general.  Once you see how your customer reacts, take their reaction as a guide for continued progress.  That might seem that it was an unnecessary comment, but occasionally we as business leaders tend to feel too comfortable too quickly and unintentionally offend or put off our potential customer.  Remember to do everything you can to make your customer feel as comfortable as quickly as possible.

How has humor served you well in your business?  Have you ever run into a situation where it may not have been the best choice?

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