Customer Satisfaction – She absolutely Will!!

This is a follow up to my last post which detailed my under-whelming experience in one branch of a large retail chain supermarket.

I went to the location at which I usually do my shopping.  After getting my non-perishables, I headed to the deli for, yes, more sandwich meat and a roasted chicken.  I walked up to the case where the chicken is kept.  While selecting my chicken, one of the staff came around the case to put in a few more.  She looked up at me and with a big smile said “Hi there! How are you today? Are you finding everything you need?”  I told her I was great.  I also told her how much I liked it that this location had the fastest selling deli meat presliced and ready to go so people didn’t have to wait in line.  I told her that I noticed the other store didn’t have that, but worse yet, the staff there was not nearly as hospitable or helpful as she was.  She said that she was sorry that I had encountered that situation.  She said that she had been in the break room at this location a while ago and really looked at a poster on the wall that had been there for quite some time.  She said that it is a picture with the caption – “Customer Service is Not Just a Job, It’s an Attitude.”  That seemed to make an impression on her.  She said that she felt it was so true that “because without the customers that buy from us everyday, none of us would have jobs.  I just try to make the customers smile and enjoy it here enough that they want to come back to us.”

Wow!  This is exactly the type of attitude that we all want to have within each member of our team within our companies and organizations.  She really understands the trickle down effect of the fact that when the customers are given good customer service, then they are satisfied customers.  With high customer satisfaction, the customer loyalty and retention increases.  Any time that customer retention increases, the impact is positive on the bottom line reflecting increased profits.

Again, this large chain supermarket does many things well.  They offer great prices, have nice stores that are well laid out, and clearly have some excellent customer service oriented staff.  If the service and amenities were consistent across all stores, it would enable the customers to have more flexibility.  They would know that know matter which location they were in, they would receive the expected high level of service and amenities each and every time.

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