Customer Satisfaction and Retention Should Be Your Focus in 2009

More important, cuts should never negatively impact the customer. In fact, Molloy said, in a time like this, it’s critical to optimize the customer experience, while still looking for ways to cut costs. . –Retail’s Uncertain HorizonJessica Tsai, Posted Jan 19, 2009, Destination

NRF Annual ’09: A retailers conference attendees weigh in on what retailers must do with the horror of 2008 behind them and projections of a difficult 2009 ahead.
This article goes on to say that almost 70% of retailers are going to focus on customer satisfaction and retention in 2009.
The main message is clear – whatever your new priorities are for the year 2009, make sure that your customers are at the focus of every product and process.  The needs and desires of the customers will drive your business in which ever direction you choose, either increasing your business, or out of business completely.

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