Customer Feedback – Are you listening?

The profitable companies are those that are truly listening to their customers.  Customers will tell you exactly what they like and don’t like about your company and products.  Many companies tailor their products and services around the feedback that their customers have given.

Many clients ask me how to get the feedback.  The answer is quite simple – ASK THEM.  Consumers appreciate the feeling of being valued and asked for their opinion.  When you ask the right questions the right way, the feedback that you receive will be your most valuable market research.  When properly applied, the benefits will not only be increased customer satisfaction, but customer retention, customer loyalty, and increased purchases.

Your bottom line greatly depends on the proper application of customer feedback.  If feedback is asked for, be certain to use it appropriately.  The huge gains in the customer perception cannot be recovered once the customer feels that they were asked, but the feedback not considered.  It is impossible to apply the feedback of your entire customer base.  But when feedback is received, acknowledge it and let the customers know how it was used.  If appropriate, it is even possible to inform them as to why certain suggestions were not taken and why and still retain their business.  Again, this will demonstrate the feedback was appreciated and considered.

“By understanding the customer’s wants and needs, businesses better understand what to offer, therefore creating client satisfaction, brand recognition and customer loyalty. Through research and surveys, customers voice their opinions and give feedback. Profitable growth occurs when our clients target customer retention with the same vigor as new sales, and take action on this feedback by improving their product, service or operations,” said Bobra Bush of Telcare Corporation.(Press Release 24/7)

Whether you use comment cards, focus groups, or surveys, be sure to invite and ask for feedback from your customers.  When the give it, truly consider it and apply when appropriate.

Your customers will thank you for it.

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