Customer Care Increases Satisfaction and Profits

“Customers will be quick to drop services that don’t meet their standards, so providers need to go above and beyond to prove their value.”

“Proper customer care is positioned to be a game-changer for wireless providers as it builds trust and drives satisfaction.”

“By being more proactive about identifying service issues, service providers can empower their customer care representatives with the tools to improve customer experience and help grow business.”

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All of these quotes are taken from a recent article in regarding the lengths that wireless carries are going to retain their existing customer base.

The carriers recognize that consumers are having to drop many expenses today that are not “necessities” and spending the money that they do have very wisely.

The article does a very good job of giving concrete methods to take to take the customer experience to the next level in customer satisfaction.

Regardless of your industry, wireless communication or medical services, the same principles apply :

Visualize Service Quality – understanding the impact that the company and product has at each customer “touchpoint” and identify and correct any potential issues before they occur.

Monitoring the Customer Experience – By knowing exactly what the users are experiencing, corrections can be made in real time.

Improving Internal Communications – Back to basics, when the right hand knows what the left hand is doing and both of them are keeping each other aware of current projects and potential issues, the problem resolution is much more efficient and effective.

Prioritizing Problem Resolution
–  By linking information networks with customer service networks, there can be a systematic approach to effectively determine which issues should be corrected and in what order according to the impact felt by the customer.

These steps listed in this article are just a few of the methods that companies are vying for consumer dollars.  The goal is clear -improve your customer service,  keep your existing customers happy, seek to exceed their expectations continually, and you will increase both their customer satisfaction and retention levels.  In doing this, your profits will increase and your business will sustainable throughout these turbulent times.

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