Can You Use Social Media To Reach More of Your Customers?

Are you looking for the newest way to connect with your customers?  Well, since you are on the internet reading this post, you have access to the newest way companies are taking initiative to interact with their customers – Social Media.

Facebook and Twitter are the top two players in the social media world.  These two sites enable companies to look at what their customers are saying about them, both positive and negative. The customer feedback in a public forum has many advantages that are just now being discovered.

Las Vegas is doing this on a daily basis.  Most of the casinos are looking for posts about them and finding out what customers like, what they don’t like, solving problems, and even recruiting new customers.   A recent article, Casinos use social media sites to reach customers published in SF Gate gives many examples of what they are doing to improve customer service and satisfaction through the social media sites.

“Resorts are setting up fan pages where executives can monitor customer suggestions about how to improve business. They also can collect guests’ kudos, offer immediate assistance to customers in distress — and cringe when unhappy patrons post critical remarks.

For their part, customers are discovering the Web sites offer an unprecedented voice, with comments and reviews not only reaching casino managers but wielding influence with an untold number of customers and potential customers.”

There is a certain degree of risk involved with social media being a public forum for all the world to see any dirty laundry being aired.  However, I see this as an advantage because when the public can see the initial problem online, they can also see how effectively the service recovery was handled.  I’m a firm believer of the fact that when consumers see companies making a situation better for a customer through excellent customer service, then they will be far more likely to remain loyal customers and also drive more traffic to those companies than those who do nothing to resolve issues online.

2 Replies to “Can You Use Social Media To Reach More of Your Customers?”

  1. Listening for comments about your company on social media is definitely good for a business. Rather than be afraid someone will say something negative, you’re right, companies can address the problem and communicate to their audience that they do care about customer grievances and want to solve issues that might arise.

  2. Good post Kristina. The key is to always reach your customers where they are. For many, this means diving into the social media waters. While I hate sounding spammy, I would encourage your readersto check out a recent post that provides a high-level framework for a 2010social media plan:

    Is it perfect? No. It will be fleshed out over the next few weeks, I hope you find it useful.


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