Businesses Grow by Distinguising Their Level of Service

It is so important to recognize that the level of customer service that your organization provides will play a huge role in how successful and sustainable you will be.

Large company or small, service is what will set you apart from your competitors.  Customer satisfaction today is driven by core basic values that truly demonstrate the level to which we value our customers.

“LOUISVILLE — Ron Ertle, founder of “The Original Ron, The Furnace Man,” wanted 1960s-style customer service blended with technology from the new millennium for his heating and air conditioning business.”

Ron was challenged to find staff trained to his expectation levels, so he trained everyone in his company to the level of service he wanted to become known for.  By setting that standard and training everyone the same way, he is developing a corporate culture that will continually strive toward excellent customer service.

When excellent customer service is ingrained in all team members, it will become a routine for them to always think of the customers needs first and to develop new ways to keep the focus on the customer.  You want your team that interacts with your customers daily to have the initiative to be on the look out to improve customer service.

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