Business Leaders Increase Success When Customer Experience is Clearly Defined and Understood

In a recent podcast, I discuss how CEO’s, C-Suite and Leadership Teams seem to understand the high-level vision of CX, yet they really miss out on the concept of how it specifically applies to their own companies and what it would look like.

While business leaders know when they’ve personally encountered exceptional customer experiences, that doesn’t mean they know how to design, plan and execute one on their own.

Next, we typically become frenemies with the well-known adversity to change phenomenon. While I find that many executives and leadership teams verbally embrace the concept of change or progress with the best of intentions, the psychological phenomenon of change resistance kicks in.

No one really wants to rock the apple cart. Because when they do, they are likely met with resistance. Change is tricky. Change is hard. Change is the most necessary thing in life and business, yet it is the hardest thing. As humans, we do what is comfortable. We keep doing the things that have always worked for us in the past.

And face it, if you don’t really understand something, do you really want to throw yourself out there as being the one leading the charge in an ambiguous goal? Most people, including myself, would not.

So what do you do about it?

Customer experience, or any other business initiative, needs to be clearly defined and explained. Define the concept, the benefits, the steps involved and the end game. What will it look like in your company? Share what the expected benefits – to your teams, your customers, your bottom line – will look like.

Explain it by talking about it and WALKING that talk. Set the example with your own words and actions.

Leadership Book clubs find increased success by discussing ideas presented by authors. Ideas are better understood and ingrained when discussed as a group working toward the same goal. So, pick a CX book (links are provided below)- Outside In, Chief Customer Officer 2.0, The Journey to Wow, The Intuitive Customer, and many others. *** See links below

Hire a consultant or trainer to outline the concept and perhaps begin to guide your company in the beginning. I do this often. I bring the concept to life when I meet with leaders and share how the concept will actually play out in their worlds. I make it personal for them so they become invested in the idea and become supporters and drivers of the Customer Experience rather than mere bystanders to the efforts and goals of success.

You don’t have to recreate the wheel. The resources I just mentioned are a great way to get started. Just becoming familiar with the concept and how it might look in your company is the best first step.

Please share your thoughts and questions below… I’m always happy to help.

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