Be Customer Centric: Learn Your Customer’s Names

“Where everybody knows your name………….. And you’re always glad you came……….” The lyrics to the opening song on the old sitcome “Cheers” really do hold a lot of relevance in today’s business world. Think about it, why did the old gang always meet at “Cheers” at the end of the day or when they needed someone to talk to?  Because everyone knew who they were and they were good friends, and most likely, as close as family.

In today’s business world, consumers are looking for relationships and certainty.  The most basic thing, such as learning your customer’s name, will make a deep impression on them.  It shows that you value them enough to make the effort to remember their name.

In the article Make Your Customers Feel Special: Learn Their Names it goes to show how important this really is and how much your customers are at the focal point of your business.

It needs to be part of your cultural mindset and practice to learn your customers names.  Unless you are greeting over 100 customers a day in your business, you really do need to come up with ways to learn names.  Your team needs to develop ways to integrate the customer name into their “scripts” in order to help remembering them.  After a few visits, people have, and will continue to, find new suppliers of products or services if they feel as if they are a “”first time customer” with no sign of recognition, when in fact they have been in your environment several times. The best way to decrease customer retention and to lose customer loyalty is to act as if you have never seen them before.

Being customer centric is providing good customer service and keeping your customers happy.  If the relationships are not being fostered at your business, they will take their money to your competitors who will take the time and effort to form relationships with them.

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  1. You are right, Fred it is simple. The simple things really do work. Did you know that a major airline increased it’s customer satisfaction rating by 13% in three months simply by having the ticket agents use the customers name when they handed back the credit card? The smallest things, like using the customer’s name, make the biggest difference.

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