Be Customer-Centric: Both Internally and Externally

Everyone knows the buzzword and implications of being “Customer Centric.”  It means to focus on your customers and keep your customers in mind when evaluating processes and products within your organization.  And, everyone knows that without our customers, we would not be in business at all.

However, what many companies fail to remember is that they have the most important customers within their very own walls – their own teams and associates.

Before we can even hope to meet the needs of our external customers, it is essential that we exceed the needs of our own internal customers.

Be certain that you are providing the environment necessary for your staff to learn about your company and product, receive the training that they need, and can grow and learn in the areas of interest to them.  Ask your associates frequently what types of training or education they would like to receive – be it about products, services, or internal functioning of your organization.  The more information you are willing to share and provide, the higher ownership they will feel and relay that feeling onto your customers.

As I have been trying to convey in previous posts, the deeper the relationships with your customers, the higher satisfaction levels you will find. This same principle applies to your internal customers on a much deeper level.  By taking care of your own teams, they will gladly take care of your external customers.

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