5 Steps to Improving the Customer Service Experience

How to improve the customer service experience?

Special Report
5 Steps to Improving the Customer Experience

It’s a question that is really starting to separate the progressive businesses from those that are wondering where their customers are going.  Today’s customers are more and more savvy and expect to be treated well when they spend their money with us.

I would like to share a report from Customer Management IQ that can help shed some light on exactly how to do that.

In it, you’ll discover…

According to an Ovum survey of 300 US-based consumers, customers are willing to pay a premium of almost 10% in order to receive great customer service. By improving the customer experience at every touch-point, enterprises will gain more loyal customers who are also likely to act as brand advocates.

This whitepaper provides readers with Ovum’s viewpoints on:

  • How changing consumer behavioral trends are impacting customer service;
  • The importance of various metrics in determining the success of a contact center;
  • The five key steps to improving the customer experience.

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