Episode 000 – About The Customer Experience Podcast for Business Leaders

Show notes –

This short episode shares what this Podcast is all about.

Who is this Podcast for? The C-Suite, Directors, and Leadership Teams of any organization will directly benefit from the tips and strategies shared in this Podcast.

What Will You Get Out of It? The entire concept of the Customer Experience (CEX) will be demystified and mapped out in these episodes. The goal is to simplify what is often perceived as over complicated and too cumbersome to take on.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your CEX journey, this podcast will help you. If you are new to the entire thing and have heard that it is the “new thing” that seems to be making difference or know that your competition is talking about it, this is the place for you.

If you have already begun a CEX transformation within your company, this podcast will enhance and paint a more colorful picture to what you have in place.

Podcast Format – This will mainly be a Topic-Based Podcast discussing the important elements of any successful Customer Experience initiative. The core fundamentals, current topics or relevant events addressed in media will also be covered to enrich your knowledge base. Occasionally, authors of books that I find impactful or industry leaders will be interviewed to share their insight in relation to the concerns and priorities of this podcast audience.

Podcast Schedule –  The first three episodes were all released on the same day, with five more to follow in the next five days. After the initial launch, you can expect to find a new episode waiting for you every Tuesday morning at 3:00 am EST.

Please email me your questions about the Customer Experience!  In order to make this podcast relevant and beneficial for you, I need to know what you are struggling with in your CEX journey. What are the challenges you face? What is preventing you from moving forward? What are the objections or hesitations of your staff, customers, and leaders in this work?

Remember, if you have a question, chances are, others do as well. Send me your questions and challenges (all names will be changed to provide anonymity) so I can address them in upcoming episodes.

Send your questions to Kristina@KristinaEvey.com and I will personally respond to you.

Thank you for listening and I hope you’ll come to consider me a trusted resource in your CEX transformation journey!

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