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Customer Satisfaction and Service Lessons Taught by my Hairdresser

As I was leaving my hair appointment yesterday, I wished I could send big businesses to Mary to learn about customer satisfaction,customer service skills, and training. She really makes it a wonderful customer experience. I realized why I’ve stayed with the same hair stylist for more than 7 years……


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Customer Service and Chocolate – The Ideal Combination

Picture yourself taking over a franchise that had developed a reputation for poor service. Can you imagine how disheartening it would be to have old customers tell you how the previous owner had driven customers away with their poor customer service?

That’s exactly what one entrepreneur found when he purchased

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Tips to Raise Customer Satisfaction in Your Restaurant – It’s All in the Details

You’ve had a long day, you are exhausted, you are hungry, you don’t feel like cooking, so, you decide to go out to dinner. But, what factors determine where you go? In a recent poll online, many requirements were listed, but the overwhelming majority said that the smallest details raise

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Dazzle Your Restaurant Customers With Knowledge – They’ll Be Hungry For More!

For the many restaurant patrons that seek out local restaurants, the driving factor is clear – They want to taste the local charm and uniqueness that is lost in many of the chain restaurants. Individuality is what makes the local restaurant stand out from the mass-marketed chains of steak, Italian,

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