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Episode #1 – Why All the Fuss About the Customer Experience?

What’s all the fuss about the customer experience? This episode explains why the successful companies are using the Customer Experience as a strategic advantage, building a loyal customer base, and increasing their profits. If you aren’t thinking along these lines, you are leaving money on the table!

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Loyal Customer Relationships – Do You Derail It Before You Even Start?

Customer loyalty is developed in many ways, yet they all fall back to one fundamental act – follow up after the initial contact.

Customer service is connecting the person with the product.  It’s about making sure that clients know that we value their business, even if they have not yet had

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Customer Satisfaction and Service Lessons Taught by my Hairdresser

As I was leaving my hair appointment yesterday, I wished I could send big businesses to Mary to learn about customer satisfaction,customer service skills, and training. She really makes it a wonderful customer experience. I realized why I’ve stayed with the same hair stylist for more than 7 years……


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