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5 Steps to More Loyal Customers

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Struggling to make more money with your EXISTING customers??? Wonder why you are sending business to your competition?

Gain More Loyal Customers!

The “Five Steps to the More Loyal Customers” e-manual will help you make more money with the people already doing business with you. By using this guide, you and your staff will know exactly to do to keep your customers coming back to you spending more money with you each time they come back!

This Manual Gives You the Simple Steps to Gain More Loyal Customers through the Service You Deliver!

Only $67!

What Do Your Customers REALLY Say About the Type of Service You Give Them?

Do You Engage Them or Merely Process Them Through Your System?

As a small business owner, leader, or manager…

Are you aware of the statistic that 80% of companies believe they deliver excellent Customer Service, yet only 8% of their Customers agree with them?

Did you know that 70% of the time, the ONLY reason your Customers are leaving is because they felt they were not treated well by someone in your organization?

Customers want to do business with those that value them as a customer and engage with them as people. They leave businesses that make them feel as if they are being “processed” through the system. Which of those two types of service do your customers feel you deliver? Do you really even know?

5 Steps to More Loyal Customers lays out the clear steps that you need. Using this concise manual, everyone in your company will know how to effectively…

  • Engage with your Customers in a Positive and Engaging Manner
  • Ask For and Encourage Customer Feedback and Input
  • Manage and Respond to Customer Complaints and Issues
  • Build and Sustain Long Term Relationships with Customers and Clients
  • Surprise and Delight Your Customers by Exceeding Their Expectations

Only $67!

The successful companies today are developing and maintaining a loyal customer base due to the level of service they provide. This manual will help your organization become know as a leader in customer service and have a loyal customer base that will generate most of your revenue.

Are you aware of the fact that it costs between 8-20 times to market to and attract new customers? By simply increasing your customer retention level by 2%, you will see the same impact as if you had cut costs by 10% on your bottom line.

You’ll be Able to Make Immediate Changes, Keep Your Customers, and Make More Money with the Information in this Manual!

Only $67!

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