Transforming the Customer Experience



5 Steps to More Loyal Customers– A download eManual that will immediately improve the service that your company delivers!  This easy to use guide works with staff at all levels to develop strategies and techniques designed to engage with your customers and prevent them from leaving your business for your competitor.

You and your staff will be able to differentiate yourselves based on the service you deliver. Customers today cite the #1 reason they leave a place of business is because they were treated RUDELYTreat your customers well with the steps in this manual and your profits will start to increase immediately!

Customer Centric Conversations – Strategies designed to improve customer service, customer focus, customer service excellence. Listen to and read the interviews and conversations with twelve of the nation’s top business advisors and leaders on how to build and strengthen profitable customer relationships.  You will find dozens of strategies that will immediately impact the way you interact with your customers. Receive the eBook above as a complimentary gift with either of the audio programs.



Customer Experience Transformation Coaching

Coaching offers a fresh perspective to managing the customer experience. With encouragement and a supportive style, coaching allows for the discussion of new ideas and strategies designed to transform the way you connect with your customers.  We also identify any areas that need attention and focus and develop strategies to improve where necessary.

Coaching allows business owners, leaders, and managers to work more effectively with their teams; thus, improving the relationships with customers proving them to be more profitable.

Kristina becomes actively engaged with your company and customer experience management challenges in all coaching programs.  Her style is supportive, yet she challenges clients to become a better version of themselves.  She questions to understand and there is an accountability factor that motivates clients to see their company through the eyes of the customer.

Benefits of coaching programs include:

  • Increased profits and business sustainability
  • Create an Action Plan to implement the Ideal Customer Experience in a variety of customer scenarios
  • Development of strategies to improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Complete alignment within your organization on how to work with customers to best serve them
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention levels
  • Strengthened relationships with customers that result in your company being the customers’ sole resource for your goods and services

Client Driven Coaching Program –

Every business different challenges in improving the customer service they deliver in addition to their customer satisfaction and retention levels.  As a manager, leader, or business owner, the challenges you face daily will be addressed in our phone sessions.  I want to give you the strategies and techniques necessary to address your pain points, improve your training, and develop your teams and companies to becoming more customer centric.

In order to realize the benefits of the coaching, we will work closely together and collaboratively address your current challenges and questions.

Click here to request a strategy session.  During this strategy session, we’ll discuss your needs and determine the best course of action suited to achieve the goals you are looking for.

Customer Experience Mastermind Coaching

  • Monthly training calls providing Low Cost to No Cost customer service, satisfaction, and retention strategies curriculum in detail.
  • Live open Q&A calls that answer your questions regarding each month’s topic. Get coaching live on the phone and receive guidance on issues relevant to your business.
  • Digital MP3 recordings of all calls available to listen online or download.
  • Printed Transcripts of all coaching calls will be emailed to you in PDF each month.
  • PDF Transcripts of all calls available to read online or download.

Click here to request a strategy session.  During this strategy session, we’ll discuss your needs and determine the how you’ll best benefit from a Customer Experience Mastermind Group Coaching Program.

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