Transforming the Customer Experience
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Kristina Evey, Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer, demystifies the Customer Experience to grow both sales and customer loyalty. She works with B2B mid-market companies to make the Customer Experience a strategic initiative and create cohesive alignment and clarity around a Customer and Employee Centric Culture.

Episode 24 – Lack of Momentum Stalls Customer Experience Focus and Results


Lack of Momentum. We all know that not moving forward stalls results and focus.

So why do we let it happen? Because life/work happens… and things get bumped. If this is you and your organization, you are most certainly NOT alone.

The thing I find is companies simply let too much time

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Episode 020 – Get Customer Feedback & Insights with Focus Groups


Listening to customers is the goal
Data drives a lot of CX work
Conversations give you the reasons BEHIND the data
Focus groups are a great way to have conversations
General fishing, proposed changes, specific topic focus
Feed off the energy and questions from the group
Uncover questions, priorities,

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Customer Testimonials

  • Kristina is an absolute delight as a group speaker! The wisdom level imparted within a brief time frame leaves the audience clamoring for more. Her message was poignant, extremely knowledgeable and perfect for the occasion. She has a unique talent for immediately establishing a comfort level with listeners. I kept wishing my whole company team had been there.
  • Businesses and organizations need people who have vision and can guide them to the successful achievement of that vision. Kristina will measurably add value to any organization that will choose to use her services, embrace her knowledge and incorporate her advice. The results will be a measurable retention of customers and greater satisfaction of staff serving your customers.
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