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 Podcast-TitlePodcasts to inspire Leaders in Business with strategies to increase profits and build a loyal customer base!

Transforming the Customer Experience is a weekly podcast created for YOU, the business leader, owner, and manager. If you are looking for strategies, motivation, and ACTIONABLE advice during your commute or down time, this is the place for you. Each episode brings you a crucial element of creating a Customer Centric Culture designed to bring clarity and alignment within your organization with the ultimate goal of getting and keeping new customers and increasing your profits!

My Latest Podcasts

Episode 7 – Empower Your Teams to Succeed in the Customer Experience

The key to a great customer experience is empowering your staff to take the initiative and work in the best interest of both the customer and your company. This podcast asks some tough questions to make you think in terms of allowing your staff to act as if they own the

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Episode 6 – Words and Phrases to Use When Working With Customers

The way we speak with customers can make or break the customer experience. This podcast episode shares the most effective words and phrases to use when communicating with your customers. By speaking this way, your customers will be glad they made the decision to work with you and your company.

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Episode #5 – Make Your Customer Want to Marry Your Company – Not Just Date It

Turning conventional business models inside out and turning our customers into long term relationships is the key to sustainable financial success. This podcast explains how customers aren’t buying your product or service, but the relationship you are promising them.

Remember, you aren’t the only game in town providing your product or

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Episode 4 – Excellent Customer Service Starts From the Inside Out

Delivering great customer service doesn’t just depend on your staff. It begins with leadership focusing on the internal staff just as much as the external customers. This episode explains why this essential step is missing in most companies and gives you an action step to get your company on track.

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