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 Podcasts to inspire the C-Suite and Leadership Teams with strategies to increase profits and build a loyal customer base!

The Customer Experience Podcast for Business Leaders is a weekly podcast on which Kristina Evey shares strategies, techniques, tips, and mindsets necessary to implement a successful Customer Experience initiative in your company. This podcast was created for YOU- the C-Suite executives, Directors, Owners, and Leadership Teams looking to grow your loyal customer base and increase sales. If you are looking for RELEVANT and ACTIONABLE advice to unite your Leaders and Staff around driving organic growth in your organization, this is the podcast for YOU!


My Latest Podcasts

Episode 003 – Integrating Your Core Values Into the Customer Experience


Core Values Build the Company Culture into the Customer Experience

Core values serve as the guiding light for how everyone in your company interacts, communicates and works with each other, external customers, and the community.
Core values should be unique to your company.
Core values provide the framework to help

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Episode 002 – The Impact of Your Corporate Culture on the Customer Experience


In this episode, we talk about the CULTURE of your company and how it impacts and drives the CX.

The Culture definition describes the environment created to achieve that mission and vision. 

This will be something that your staff will FEEL… not have to be shown a mission statement. 

Understand that your staff

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Episode 001 – Exactly What the Customer Experience IS and Isn’t

Show Notes…

Exactly What the Customer Experience IS and Isn’t



Inside out – Leaders deciding making all operational and business decisions based on their own and silo focused priorities.

Short-term – A clear start and end date within six months of each other.

“Flavor of the Month” – Somebody in

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Episode 000 – About The Customer Experience Podcast for Business Leaders

Show notes –

This short episode shares what this Podcast is all about.

Who is this Podcast for? The C-Suite, Directors, and Leadership Teams of any organization will directly benefit from the tips and strategies shared in this Podcast.

What Will You Get Out of It? The entire concept of the Customer Experience (CEX)

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Episode 4 – Excellent Customer Service Starts From the Inside Out

Delivering great customer service doesn’t just depend on your staff. It begins with leadership focusing on the internal staff just as much as the external customers. This episode explains why this essential step is missing in most companies and gives you an action step to get your company on track.

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