Transforming the Customer Experience



 Podcast-TitlePodcasts to inspire Leaders in Business with strategies to increase profits and build a loyal customer base!

Transforming the Customer Experience is a weekly podcast created for YOU, the business leader, owner, and manager. If you are looking for strategies, motivation, and ACTIONABLE advice during your commute or down time, this is the place for you. Each episode brings you a crucial element of creating a Customer Centric Culture designed to bring clarity and alignment within your organization with the ultimate goal of getting and keeping new customers and increasing your profits!

My Latest Podcasts

Episode 15 – Written Communication Skills to Improve the Customer Experience

Once it’s in print, it’s ALWAYS in print. Any printed conversations – digital or paper and ink – with or ABOUT a customer live on for eternity. Because of this, we need to be extremely cautious and proactive about what is written to a customer and about the customer. Different

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Episode 14 – Telephone Skills That Improve the Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Almost every company in the world interacts with customers on the phone to some extent. But how many do it WELL? This podcast shares proven methods that will present your company in the most professional manner anytime a customer calls. The way you work with customers and callers over the

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Episode 13 – How Transparency Impacts the Customer Experience

Transparency is a key component of both the customer experience and effective leadership. Transparency is the ability to let customers know what you are capable of, the best pricing you can give, and the results you can provide. True transparency is letting your prospects and customers know they might not

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