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Spreading Holiday Cheer with an AMAZING Customer Experience

This just made my heart warm!  West Jet in Canada did what most of us would dream to do for our customers… took an ordinary situation and made it extraordinary!

I know, I get it… your business can’t afford to go to the lengths that West Jet did, but you can take the same premise and deliver the same feeling.  Ask your customers (or a percentage of them) what their favorite charity is and help organize an evening of volunteering for them.  Or, ask a select few what they’d like for Christmas and do exactly what West Jet did.  Or, ask a few of them what their favorite chocolate or coffee indulgence is and make a special delivery for them or have it on hand at your next meeting.

Spreading cheer is what this season is all about.  For our customers we should have this mindset all of the time, but what a special opportunity to really focus on this.  Do something special, whether large or small, just do something special and unexpected to put a smile on your customers face!

Click on the image below that is linked to the video and enjoy! It will be the best 5 minutes of your day…  I promise.


What Do Customer Satisfaction and Expectations Have in Common?

“Why are customers impatient and upset when I’m trying to do what I can for them?”

It’s all about setting the customer expectation.  When you do it right, it leads to a better experience for them and makes life much easier for you.  Here is a short video explaining how one orthodontic office did a great job and earned a very satisfied patient and customer….

Personal Touches Win Business Every Time

Customer service training should always include the personal touch and being on the lookout for the little things that make a difference to your customers. I interviewed a fellow attendee at a recent conference about the things that bring her back to a business and the things that will drive her away. Lain will tell you, from a customer perspective, what wins her business and what will make her take her spending dollars elsewhere.

The personal touch goes a long way in making sure that your customers don’t feel that they are one of the many “transactions” that you have to “get through” everyday. When you engage personally and surprise your customers even in small ways, it makes an impression on them that keeps them coming back for more.

What are you doing in your business to train customer service and keeping the personal touch in the forefront?

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