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Episode 15 – Written Communication Skills to Improve the Customer Experience

Once it’s in print, it’s ALWAYS in print. Any printed conversations – digital or paper and ink – with or ABOUT a customer live on for eternity. Because of this, we need to be extremely cautious and proactive about what is written to a customer and about the customer. Different topics regarding the length, the way to address your customers, who to include and not include, content of the email or letter, etc are all covered here. Don’t let your written communications be your downfall.  Listen here for more details…

Episode 14 – Telephone Skills That Improve the Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Almost every company in the world interacts with customers on the phone to some extent. But how many do it WELL? This podcast shares proven methods that will present your company in the most professional manner anytime a customer calls. The way you work with customers and callers over the phone forms an impression about your level of caring, knowledge, and professionalism. Let your phone skills show you value customer service within your organization. Listen here…

Episode 13 – How Transparency Impacts the Customer Experience

Transparency is a key component of both the customer experience and effective leadership. Transparency is the ability to let customers know what you are capable of, the best pricing you can give, and the results you can provide. True transparency is letting your prospects and customers know they might not get the outcome they expect.  Transparency in leadership relies on the trust you’ve built with your teams. This podcast explains how to build that trust and get your team to support your initiatives to improve your customer experience.

Episode 11 – Five Steps to Building a Better Customer Experience Through Better Service

These five basic steps to better customer service are the pillars to building better experience for your customers. This podcast explains each step in detail and how to work with your staff to actively engage with you, your company, and your customers. Using these five steps as a foundation will increase your sales, customer loyalty AND staff engagement.

Episode 10 – Would Your Business Survive If You Doubled Your Sales in One Year?

Everyone dreams of more customers, more sales, more profits. But would your business survive that growth? This podcast walks you through the dream of growth and helps you take a hard look at the areas you need to consider focusing on to be sure you grow effectively and don’t ever hear from your customers… “They grew so fast they forgot about me. So I left and found a company that cares.”

Episode 8 – Preparing Your Teams to Transform the Customer Experience

Preparing your teams to improve and transform the customer experience is key. Most companies get it wrong. This podcast episode walks you through step by step how to preframe your initiative to get your teams in the right mindset by letting them know why your company is focusing on this, what they’ll gain from this focus, and what you expect from them.

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