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Be Customer Centric: Learn Your Customer’s Names

“Where everybody knows your name………….. And you’re always glad you came……….” The lyrics to the opening song on the old sitcome “Cheers” really do hold a lot of relevance in today’s business world. Think about it, why did the old gang always meet at “Cheers” at the end of the day or when they needed someone to talk to?  Because everyone knew who they were and they were good friends, and most likely, as close as family.

In today’s business world, consumers are looking for relationships and certainty.  The most basic thing, such as learning your customer’s name, will make a deep impression on them.  It shows that you value them enough to make the effort to remember their name.

In the article Make Your Customers Feel Special: Learn Their Names it goes to show how important this really is and how much your customers are at the focal point of your business.

It needs to be part of your cultural mindset and practice to learn your customers names.  Unless you are greeting over 100 customers a day in your business, you really do need to come up with ways to learn names.  Your team needs to develop ways to integrate the customer name into their “scripts” in order to help remembering them.  After a few visits, people have, and will continue to, find new suppliers of products or services if they feel as if they are a “”first time customer” with no sign of recognition, when in fact they have been in your environment several times. The best way to decrease customer retention and to lose customer loyalty is to act as if you have never seen them before.

Being customer centric is providing good customer service and keeping your customers happy.  If the relationships are not being fostered at your business, they will take their money to your competitors who will take the time and effort to form relationships with them.

Think and Grow Rich -Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Levels by Staying in Contact with Your Customers

Staying in contact with your customers has many advantages, both for you and for them.

Follow up is an excellent way to remind your clients that you are interested in their satisfaction with your product or service.  Ask them how the project/product is functioning for them and what suggestions or feedback they have.  By doing this, you are also getting excellent feedback to use for further business development on your end.

Email and newsletters are beneficial for reminding customers that you are their first resource for their need.  If you maintain a presence in their mind, they will not need to look for a source other than you.   This serves as profit enhancement for you because you will be first on their mind.

Let your customers and clients know of new products and services that you have available.  Since they came to you before, they will be more likely to explore your entire line or package to further benefit themselves.

It’s good customer service to stay connected to your customers. By keeping a connection with your customers, you are sustaining the relationship that will translate into increased customer satisfaction. They will be reminded that you are looking out for them and want to be on their team.  Being ready, willing, and able to help conveys to your customers that you truly value them and want to be the provider to help them.

The relationship that you build through consistent contact will prove fruitful by way of customer retention and loyalty, both of which will bring increased profits to you and your company.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Levels! SMILE!!

A smile is a universally known and understood gesture.  It transcends all languages and cultures.

It speaks loudly to your customers and increases your customer satisfaction levels significantly.  Just this one simple gesture makes customers feel at ease in your environment.  It will also brighten the mood of your associates.

I notice all of the salespeople and receptionists who miss the opportunity to build a deeper rapport with me by not smiling or making eye contact.  Once I point this out in my presentations, people readily identify with the fact that it is such a simple gesture that makes such a difference.

Have your office, store, or organization make it a friendly competition to challenge themselves to make their first gesture with each customer a genuine smile.  You’ll be amazed at how happy your customers will be to see this.  They will ask better questions, be more receptive to help and advice, and customer satisfaction levels will increase.

At the very least, you will feel a bit better yourself, and that is something to smile about!

Informed Teams Result in Happy Customers!

The best way to have your team members and associates truly be able to answer questions from your customers is to have them experience, use, and taste your products and services.  This way, they will be giving the customer information that they are looking for from the perspective of the user.

The topic for this post came up the other day as I was eating in a restaurant with a client.  I asked the server about a menu item.  She was very polite when she informed me that she had not ever had the dish in question.  She did say that serveral other diners ordered it often and enjoyed it.

This lead to a discussion with my client about how important it is for those within our company to know as much as possible about each product and service.  Customer service training should include training in our services and products we are providing. For example, in a restaurant, the servers should eat every single menu item so that they are able to tell the diners how things taste and are prepared.  Associates in a home improvement store should be well versed in the producst they are selling so that they may be able to tell the customers which ones will best suit their project needs.  Isn’t it frustrating when you go into a store and ask a question and the associate picks up the box and starts reading it?  I can do that myself.

Customers want to get information from those that should know the products and can explain the benefits and drawbacks.  This will build the rapport with the customer and make them happy that they are not just taking a shot in the dark.  Good customer service and csutomer satisfaction comes from truly serving the customer by proving them the information they are looking for from an informed perspective.

Handle Your Angry Customers with Empathy

Customer satisfaction is the determining factor in most business decisions.  When people spend their money, they want to be certain that they are spending it with the people who will work with them, even when challenges arise.

A recently printed article titled Top 6 Things Not To Do With Angry Customers does a very good job of outlining the very things that we may very much WANT to do, but in good business practices, simply cannot.

Angry customers are a challenge and there will always be some customers that are difficult to manage.  However, the first thing to try with them is to use empathy.  This will make them feel that you are trying to understand their viewpoint.  While they are hoping that you will agree with them, simply using empathy at first will help diffuse the emotional component.

Once you have calmed the customer down a bit but being understanding and using phrases such as “I know this is can be very frustrating.  Let’s sit down together and see what exactly is going on and we will find a way to work it through.”

This has now put you on your customer’s team and their anxiety will not be nearly as high.

The main goal is to turn your angry customers into your happy customers so that they will spread the word about you and your products.  How you handle difficult situations and customer will greatly impact their faith in your focus on the customer’s perspective.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

An article in yesterday’s, Best Practice PR:Keeping Customers reinforces the fact that successful businesses are looking for ways to develop sustainable relationships with their customers. These relationships are what fuels customer retention, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

Consumers today are buying relationships, not products.  Your products and services can be purchased from more than one source.  The relationship comes into play when you personalize the experience for your customer. The relationship that comes with it is the difference that makes the difference to the customer.  People choose their personal relationships by selecting those that make them feel good.  The same principle transfers to business as well.  When we feel good about people or a situation, we gravitate toward that.

Personalizing the experience for your customers is a way to ensure that your customers feel considered and valued.  And when we feel considered and valued, the relationship strengthens, when relationships are strong, we are loyal!

Businesses Grow by Distinguising Their Level of Service

It is so important to recognize that the level of customer service that your organization provides will play a huge role in how successful and sustainable you will be.

Large company or small, service is what will set you apart from your competitors.  Customer satisfaction today is driven by core basic values that truly demonstrate the level to which we value our customers.

“LOUISVILLE — Ron Ertle, founder of “The Original Ron, The Furnace Man,” wanted 1960s-style customer service blended with technology from the new millennium for his heating and air conditioning business.”

Ron was challenged to find staff trained to his expectation levels, so he trained everyone in his company to the level of service he wanted to become known for.  By setting that standard and training everyone the same way, he is developing a corporate culture that will continually strive toward excellent customer service.

When excellent customer service is ingrained in all team members, it will become a routine for them to always think of the customers needs first and to develop new ways to keep the focus on the customer.  You want your team that interacts with your customers daily to have the initiative to be on the look out to improve customer service.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention Should Be Your Focus in 2009

More important, cuts should never negatively impact the customer. In fact, Molloy said, in a time like this, it’s critical to optimize the customer experience, while still looking for ways to cut costs. . –Retail’s Uncertain HorizonJessica Tsai, Posted Jan 19, 2009, Destination

NRF Annual ’09: A retailers conference attendees weigh in on what retailers must do with the horror of 2008 behind them and projections of a difficult 2009 ahead.
This article goes on to say that almost 70% of retailers are going to focus on customer satisfaction and retention in 2009.
The main message is clear – whatever your new priorities are for the year 2009, make sure that your customers are at the focus of every product and process.  The needs and desires of the customers will drive your business in which ever direction you choose, either increasing your business, or out of business completely.

Tips for Successful and Postive Customer Relationships

“Superior customer service can often fall to the wayside, lost in the midst of an overload of daily tasks, responsibilities and expectations. However, research studies have shown that customer service is the key to customer loyalty; not something to be overlooked or de-emphasized, especially in this economic climate.

Businesses need to value their customer relationships, listen to their clients, hear their concerns, and carefully plan and put in place ways to make sure their customers are satisfied.

More than likely, if a customer feels they receive poor service, that situation could be enough of a slip-up to make them switch to another company- often the competitor.

Business VoIP solution provider, Nextiva knows the importance of customer service. The company strives to enhance its service with each and every customer, so they feel satisfied with the service provided to come back in the future.” January 16, 2009,  Business VoIP Provider Nextiva Delivers Superior Customer Service, By Michelle Robart, TMCnet Editor

This article sums up the importance of the entire customer experience and the value that companies must put on their relationships with their customers.

The article goes on to state how the company strives to give 110% customer service in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction rankings possible.

It is this mindset towards customer service that will carry successful far.  By focusing on the  relationship value with their customers, the are making it much more likely that their customers will return to them.

Think of any relationship.  What steps are involved to maintain successful relationships?  Successful communication and rapport leads to trust and loyalty.  Feedback is also essential in order to recognize how the relationship may be changing and to allow the necessary steps to be taken to strengthen it.

These are the same things that successful companies are doing, and must continue to do, in order to remain leaders in their fields.

Great Customer Service…. Do You Really Deliver It?

In so many of my conversations with business people, they are quick to agree that customer service is more important now than ever before.  The customer service that your company delivers can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

One thing that I have noticed lately is that many people know when they receive good customer service, but they are not exactly sure if they themselves are delivering it.

One way to determine this is to ask for feedback from your customers.  Directly asking them will offer candid responses that may be the most genuine.  There are also comment cards and other methods that when properly used can offer helpful information as well.

Another way to quickly start the process of looking at your customer service abilities is by taking an objective look at your processes in your organization.  Look at things through your customer’s perspective and determine if you are making things as easy and efficient as possible for them.  Does your phone system work for or against your customers?  Can you streamline any processes and cut delivery times?  Do you have an area in which you can have confidential conversations when necessary with customers?  Are your team members ingrained with the mindset of satisfying your customers at all costs?  In your business, how would you define the absolute best scenario for an interaction?  Once you have done that, motivate all team members to strive for that.

Look at your minimum standard expectations that you have for your services currently and better them wherever possible.  It may be something along the lines of “Delivery is promised in five days.”  Is there any possibility of changing that goal to four days?  “All calls will be returned by the end of the business day.”  What about striving to return all calls within three hours?  Little things like these can send large messages of service to your customers.

It really only takes you looking at a situation and deciding how you would like to be treated as the customer.  Make the small changes immediately and the larger ones can always be a work in progress.  As long as you are looking to impress your customers, increase their satisfaction, you will win not only their business, but their loyalty as well.

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