Transforming the Customer Experience


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Transforming The Customer Experience

Handle Your Angry Customers with Empathy

Customer satisfaction is the determining factor in most business decisions.  When people spend their money, they want to be certain that they are spending it with the people who will work with them, even when challenges arise.

A recently printed article titled Top 6 Things Not To Do With Angry Customers

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Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

An article in yesterday’s, Best Practice PR:Keeping Customers reinforces the fact that successful businesses are looking for ways to develop sustainable relationships with their customers. These relationships are what fuels customer retention, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

Consumers today are buying relationships, not products.  Your products and services can be

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Businesses Grow by Distinguising Their Level of Service

It is so important to recognize that the level of customer service that your organization provides will play a huge role in how successful and sustainable you will be.

Large company or small, service is what will set you apart from your competitors.  Customer satisfaction today is driven by core basic

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Customer Satisfaction and Retention Should Be Your Focus in 2009

More important, cuts should never negatively impact the customer. In fact, Molloy said, in a time like this, it’s critical to optimize the customer experience, while still looking for ways to cut costs. . -Retail’s Uncertain Horizon, By Jessica Tsai, Posted Jan 19, 2009, Destination

NRF Annual ’09: A retailers

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Tips for Successful and Postive Customer Relationships

“Superior customer service can often fall to the wayside, lost in the midst of an overload of daily tasks, responsibilities and expectations. However, research studies have shown that customer service is the key to customer loyalty; not something to be overlooked or de-emphasized, especially in this economic climate.

Businesses need to

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