Transforming the Customer Experience


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Transforming The Customer Experience

Be Customer-Centric: Both Internally and Externally

Everyone knows the buzzword and implications of being “Customer Centric.”  It means to focus on your customers and keep your customers in mind when evaluating processes and products within your organization.  And, everyone knows that without our customers, we would not be in business at all.

However, what many companies fail

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Be Customer Centric: Learn Your Customer’s Names

“Where everybody knows your name………….. And you’re always glad you came……….” The lyrics to the opening song on the old sitcome “Cheers” really do hold a lot of relevance in today’s business world. Think about it, why did the old gang always meet at “Cheers” at the end of

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Think and Grow Rich -Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Levels by Staying in Contact with Your Customers

Staying in contact with your customers has many advantages, both for you and for them.

Follow up is an excellent way to remind your clients that you are interested in their satisfaction with your product or service.  Ask them how the project/product is functioning for them and what suggestions or feedback

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Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Levels! SMILE!!

A smile is a universally known and understood gesture.  It transcends all languages and cultures.

It speaks loudly to your customers and increases your customer satisfaction levels significantly.  Just this one simple gesture makes customers feel at ease in your environment.  It will also brighten the mood of your associates.

I notice

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Informed Teams Result in Happy Customers!

The best way to have your team members and associates truly be able to answer questions from your customers is to have them experience, use, and taste your products and services.  This way, they will be giving the customer information that they are looking for from the perspective of the

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