Transforming the Customer Experience


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Transforming The Customer Experience

Episode 007 – CX Depends on Hiring Right

Hiring Right – Episode Number 007 Shownotes…

So much of this work is dependent on hiring the right people to execute the desired customer experience. If you have people that aren’t concerned about customer service and making the customer happy enough with their experience doing business with you, then you have a

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Episode 005 – CX From the Customer Perspective


Customer Perspective is really the only thing that matters in any Customer Experience work.
I know that you are doing what you think is best for your business and your customer. I know that most of you, simply because you are listening to this podcast, are looking to create

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Episode 004 – It’s All About the Money

Episode 4 – It’s All About the Money


Money and profits – not bad words
CX is now recognized as the tipping point

in 2014, 89% of companies planned to use CX as their primary competition platform by 2016. It’s 2018 now… that means that 89% of companies are aware

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Why Core Values Need to Be in Your Customer Experience Focus


Core Values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization.

My podcast related to core values can be heard here…

Core Values serve as the guiding light for how everyone in your company interacts, communicates and works with each other, external customers, and the community. The core values are the solid

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