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Kristina Evey

Kristina Evey helps B2B mid-market companies grow sales and customer loyalty by making the Customer Experience a strategic initiative.


She’s a  Customer Experience Strategist who loves to help Leadership Teams demystify the process of shifting operational and business priorities to the customer perspective and seeing revenue increase. She sees the “A-Ha!” moments at the C-Suite level when they realize how simple changes make huge impacts both internally and externally. Kristina helps B2B companies build strong connections with their customers by engaging at all levels to consistently deliver unexpected and amazing experiences customers are so delighted with that price becomes irrelevant.

She is an expert in all areas of the Customer Experience and has successfully helped many businesses, nationally and locally, create a customer centric culture, hire and train staff that will work in the customer’s best interest, get leadership involved to where they are instrumental in setting their teams up for success, all the while improving the working environment in the process.

Kristina is a consultant, speaker, and trainer in all things related to building and nurturing the customer relationship. She helps her clients understand that by partnering with the people that are already doing business with them, they’ll have a clear vision on exactly what it will take to keep them coming back for more, generate referrals, and create a loyal customer base.

She is the creator of the training manual “5 Steps to More Loyal Customers” and has had numerous articles published and products produced on customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. She is a regular contributor to radio and web interviews. Kristina’s most requested programs highlight Training and Delivering Excellent Customer Service, How to Create a Customer Centric Culture, Effective Communication, and Creating a Memorable Customer Experience.

On a personal note…

Kristina’s goals are to have her teenage boys and daughter continue to think she and her husband are semi-cool parents for just a little bit longer, bake a perfect flourless chocolate torte, and to finally do that second full chin-up.

Kristina brings 20 years of background in the customer experience focus to her clients in a wide variety of fields along with her degree in Psychology and certification NLP.

Kristina travels from her home in Michigan to her clients nationally.


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  • Kristina quickly acknowledges how important it is for our company to have an excellent customer relationship. She supplied us with the goals necessary to build our confidence to strengthen our relationships with these tougher clients. By following her advice, we have improved our relationships with all custumers. Kristina taught us to be proactive in customer service and how to make the necessary decisions not to be destructive in a crisis situation.
  • Customer Focus is what Kristina emphasizes in all areas of business. If the needs of the customer are not being addressed, the process will be restructured.
  • Kristina analyzes the functionality of the business and service from the perspective of the customer. She stresses that all levels must present a united mindset in order to have a successful customer service program.
  • Kristina is an absolute delight as a group speaker! The wisdom level imparted within a brief time frame leaves the audience clamoring for more. Her message was poignant, extremely knowledgeable and perfect for the occasion. She has a unique talent for immediately establishing a comfort level with listeners. I kept wishing my whole company team had been there.
  • Kristina’s expertise in health care and customer service goals creates a unique quality that blends all aspects of business to ensure positive customer experiences. She has excellent skills in creating and sustaining long term business relationships.
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