Transforming the Customer Experience

Monthly Archives : October 2015


Episode 8 – Preparing Your Teams to Transform the Customer Experience

Preparing your teams to improve and transform the customer experience is key. Most companies get it wrong. This podcast episode walks you through step by step how to preframe your initiative to get your teams in the right mindset by letting them know why your company is focusing on this,

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Episode 7 – Empower Your Teams to Succeed in the Customer Experience

The key to a great customer experience is empowering your staff to take the initiative and work in the best interest of both the customer and your company. This podcast asks some tough questions to make you think in terms of allowing your staff to act as if they own the

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Episode 6 – Words and Phrases to Use When Working With Customers

The way we speak with customers can make or break the customer experience. This podcast episode shares the most effective words and phrases to use when communicating with your customers. By speaking this way, your customers will be glad they made the decision to work with you and your company.

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