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The Best Customer Experience Begins with Customer Service Training – Part One

As a business coach for companies, both large and small, that want to deliver a customer service experience to bring in more money from their customers, I’m often asked “Where do I begin?”

It’s just like eating an elephant… One step at a time.

Successful companies follow seven systematic steps when

1.  Developing

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What Your 8 year old is Learning About Business in Elementary School

by Don Beery

The world is accelerating. University students getting younger every year (or maybe I’m just getting more… uh, seasoned). And your elementary-aged child is gaining a valuable business education.  Specifically here’s what your 8 year old is learning about business in grade school.

1. Trading sandwiches

This complex transaction occurs daily

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Nail Salon Could Use a Little Polish in Customer Service Training and Skills

I walked into a local nail salon today and realized that they didn’t know a thing about giving good customer service or providing a great customer service experience.

My intention was to purchase a gift certificate for a client of mine for her birthday.  When I walked in, there were four

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