Transforming the Customer Experience

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Relationship Marketing Improves the Customer Experience and Profits

It’s all about the relationship. Your product and service don’t really factor into the decision making process of your potential customer. Sure, they’ve decided that they need it, but past that point, it all comes down to the relationship that you are promising to deliver.

Relationships Matter

Think about your personal

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Improve Customer Service – Asking Questions Is Crucial in the Customer Service Experience

Improving customer service and the customer service experience is something that both small businesses and large companies are always trying to do.

The great thing is that the answer on how to do that comes from one source – your customers. Asking your customers questions about the way they do business

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No Matter What Your Job Title Is – You Are a Customer Experience Officer

Disregard the title on your business card. That’s right, whatever title you currently have, disregard it.  It doesn’t matter if you are the business owner or the entry level summer position.  Your title on your card is irrelevant except for the fact that it details some of your functional responsibilities. 

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