Transforming the Customer Experience

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Communicate with Your Customers to Perfect the Project Plan

Customer experience management often comes down to accountability.  In order to be accountable, communication and visibility for your customers seem to be critical factors.

Lay out a clear plan for the project. By having a clear project plan, the specifics are transparent for everyone and the expectations are laid out for

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Want to Improve Your Customer Experience? Say It Like You Mean It!

I made a call to an office today and was greeted with the most droll sounding phone receptionist – “XYZ’s Office.  This’s Elaine. Mayep you?”  No, those were not typos, that was exactly how she sounded.  Besides the fact that I couldn’t really understand her words, she had the enthusiasm

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Is Your Customer Experience Transformation Consistent?

Transforming your customer’s experience is successful only after you have made it a consistent expectation.

Your customers are already having an experience, good or bad, when they do business with you.  When you are looking to transform the experience, the key is to look at every part of your business through

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Making the Extra Effort Creates an Experience – Part 1

Making the mundane memorable is the key ingredient in customer experience management.

I had the good fortune to attend a luncheon today held by the Grand Rapids Business Journal honoring the 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan.  It was wonderful to see the efforts of so many women pay off

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