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Customer Care Increases Satisfaction and Profits

“Customers will be quick to drop services that don’t meet their standards, so providers need to go above and beyond to prove their value.”

“Proper customer care is positioned to be a game-changer for wireless providers as it builds trust and drives satisfaction.”

“By being more proactive about identifying service issues, service

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Your Customer Satisfaction is Dependent Upon Your Relationship with Them

Why do you currently bank where you do?  Is it because you have a relationship with a particular banker?  Why do you stay with your current financial adviser?  Most likely because you have a strong relationship with them.  What level of customer service to you expect?

What is the best way

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Considering Customer Satisfaction Issues? Think Long Term and Lifetime Value

When clients are making requests of you, it serves your best business interest to think long term. 5% of your current customers are leaving because their friends and colleagues are telling them about the great service your competitors are providing. 9% of your customers are being lured away by your

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Tips to Raise Customer Satisfaction in Your Restaurant – It’s All in the Details

You’ve had a long day, you are exhausted, you are hungry, you don’t feel like cooking, so, you decide to go out to dinner. But, what factors determine where you go? In a recent poll online, many requirements were listed, but the overwhelming majority said that the smallest details raise

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Restaurant Cleanliness – More Than Meets the Eye, It’s in the Customer’s Mind

Cleanliness in a restaurant is more important than most people realize. Aside from the obvious health codes and issues, the cleanliness perception of the customer is formed in areas not usually considered. Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty of your patrons by paying close attention to the cleanliness of your

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Dazzle Your Restaurant Customers With Knowledge – They’ll Be Hungry For More!

For the many restaurant patrons that seek out local restaurants, the driving factor is clear – They want to taste the local charm and uniqueness that is lost in many of the chain restaurants. Individuality is what makes the local restaurant stand out from the mass-marketed chains of steak, Italian,

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