Transforming the Customer Experience

Would You Like to See More Productivity, More Customers, and More Profit in Your Business?

Would You Like to Bring Your Company Into Internal Alignment Concerning How Customers Should Be Treated? 

Do You Want to Create an AMAZING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE that is MORE than Just Good Customer Service?

Kristina Evey  is a business coach and consultant that helps business owners DOUBLE and TRIPLE their customer base and profits.  How? Kristina shows companies of all sizes the proven steps and methods of building a Customer Centric Culture that engages with customers and employees to build a loyal customer base.

Because the Customer Experience is no longer just a “great idea” but a strategic priority for successful companies and organizations, Kristina sets the stage by collaborating with her clients to define a Customer Centric Culture that focuses completely on the delight of the customer.

A staggering statistic – 70 of the last 100 customers you lost left only because of the way they were treated by you or someone in your business.  They felt “processed,” not “served.”

The Customer Service Experience touches every aspect of your organization. Kristina Evey,  is just the person to guide you through the steps of creating an amazing customer experience, creating a customer centric culture, developing a staff and culture that work in the best interest of your customer, and increasing your revenue and profits to a point you never thought possible simply by focusing on your existing customers.

Kristina and works with companies just like yours to increase profits with the the people most likely to bring you 80% of your revenue – your existing customers.


Customer Centric Conversations – After listening to any ONE of these CDs, you’ll have immediate new insight on how to build loyalty, revenue, and profits among your current customers. You’ll be able to take ideas from all of these experts and apply them to your current business model and take your business from “Status Quo” to one of “Continued Excellence!”

Coaching Programs

Coaching offers a fresh perspective to managing the customer experience. With encouragement and a supportive style, coaching allows for the discussion of new ideas and strategies designed to transform the way you connect with your customers. We also identify any areas that need attention and focus and develop strategies to improve where necessary.

Coaching allows business owners, leaders, and managers to work more effectively with their teams; thus, improving the relationships with customers proving them to be more profitable.

Kristina becomes actively engaged with your company and customer experience management challenges in all coaching programs.